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How to stay on top of the innovation game

 with special focus on the human-centred design

At the intersection of innovation: Take the holistic turn

It’s not just about new products and services. It’s not just about competition. And it’s certainly not just about showing stakeholders that you are doing something.

Innovative leaders let people try and fail

Holistic innovation needs to be carried out through the whole company, but it is also essential that the leader leads by example.

Humans as the centre of everything

From the beginning, the idea of humans being in the center of everything was popular throughout the history of civilization. With innovation, developing and designing products and services, we’re getting back to the beginning. Let’s put the human in the center again.

Agile transformation: Doing it right

You will encounter some challenges during your Lean/Agile transformation, and you will most probably not do everything right on the first try. Find out about the eight most common pitfalls.

Living by the Agile principles

One of our customers, a medium-sized company  providing software and hardware solutions for the  transportation sector, introduced Agile methodologies in the form of a Scrum team. We describe the case study.

How to navigate change within one's mind

To invite minds to change, it's key to understand what is driving the subconcious. A guest essay from Jorge Cendales, the CEO of HumanSpirit.

How to stay on top of the innovation game

To get ahead of your competitors, you need to come up with new approaches, new ideas and new solutions. You cannot do this unless you let go of old paradigms and patterns of thinking.

Innovation in numbers

How many managers see potential to improve their innovation processes? Which country has the most innovative landscape? Discover the world of facts and figures all around the topic of innovation.


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