Intelligent apps in Smart Manufacturing

Intelligent apps have a wide spectrum of applications in 

Smart Manufacturing. Here are just a few practical examples: 

Predictive Maintenance

A service app that suggests the best time for repairing a machine based on the analysis of production data.

Accident prevention 

A camera app that is able to recognise faces and emotions thanks to computer vision can automatically alert  emergency services if an accident has occurred or it can issue a warning if unauthorised personnel have entered the premises;

Track and restock inventory 

An app can manage product inventory and send alerts when the stock is getting low, all of this done by image  recognition alone;

Tracing the product journey

By reading barcodes, an app can trace the whole product journey;

Get real-time feedback

With intelligent apps and IoT, companies can monitor their production more closely and make adjustments in  real time if goals are not met. Intelligent apps can even be trained to make the decisions for them.

Developing an app specific to manufacturing calls for a lot of deep knowledge about the processes inside a plant and industry know-how. An intelligent app can learn more or less anything, but it needs a good teacher. All company data needs to be made available.

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