Intelligent apps: A new man's best friend

Intelligent apps are the core of smart businesses. They are, just as their name suggests, AI-enabled apps that use machine learning. The intelligence of the apps is derived from processing vast amounts of data and it has the ability to come to conclusions that are otherwise hidden to a human mind. The arrival of such apps is slowly changing the everyday lives of consumers and business processes. For example, Google has recently reinvented the role of virtual assistant. 

To ensure it suggests the right measurements and steps, it can provide the mechanic with a checklist and find the solution through the process of elimination. All the necessary information is provided by the mechanic through pictures of the machine he uploads, error messages, etc. It is also possible to train such app on issues that occur often. 

In other words, Google Duplex could call a restaurant to make a reservation without alerting the person on the receiving end that they were talking to AI. Generally speaking, intelligent apps support workers while AI-driven robots are able to replace them. An app can, for example, support a service mechanic while fixing a machine. If the maintenance has to be done on a very tight schedule, the intelligent app can suggest quick fixes and safely guide the mechanic through all the necessary repairs. 

"The company introduced Google Duplex, an AI-driven application that leverages natural language processing, deep learning and text and speech recognition."

"This feature is very useful for multinational companies where workers who are facing the same problem are not in the same physical space."

In other words, if you need to reach many people who would profit from sharing specific knowledge or face recurring events that can always be solved in the same way,  intelligent apps are the right fit for your business. At ERNI, we strongly believe in the benefits of intelligent apps, and that’s why we have integrated them into our own business processes. Currently, we are developing the “Intelligent Meeting Room”, where members of the meeting are recognised by a camera that greets everybody,  records their reactions, analyses the outcome of the meeting and distributes personalised notes.

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